Cacciari's | Italian Restaurant in Kensington

Cacciari’s restaurants have been established with the purpose of making their customers familiar with the culinary traditions of Emilia Romagna, Italian region.

Our restaurants are based on the concept of the typical “trattoria Bolognese”, that mainly emphasises the quality and the freshness of the raw materials.

Through direct import and artisan production of our ingredients, we strive to keep alive our connection with our homeland. All our imported products are carefully selected from the best available suppliers in our native region.

Our specialties, such as Piadina Romagnola, Garganelli and the famous Tortellini are handmade on our premises.We believe that freshness is the key factor of quality. Therefore, our in-house production guarantees that our customers are offered only fresh products prepared every morning.

All sauces are freshly cooked and each product is made by following the old procedures and traditions from Bologna: bread, pasta, piadina, pizza and desserts.

The only items that are not directly imported by us are: meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. However, we purchase them from the best local markets, selecting carefully the best available quality:

  • Fish from Billingsgate market
  • Meat from Smithfield market
  • Fruit and Vegetables from Covent Garden market

The production of all our ingredients, all strictly handmade, has been for more than ten years the expression of genuine food, because preparing good and genuine food is our tradition.

We pride ourselves in providing quality fresh ingredients and offering authentic Italian dishes in a friendly, traditional atmosphere.

At Cacciari’s, our mission is to provide our guests with the most authentic Italian experience outside of Italy.